iOS 9 To Bring Better Performance To Older iPhone and iPads

Apple is popularly criticised for making older iPhones and iPads slow and sluggish with each major release of iOS. Along with performance, even battery life takes a major hit with every OS update. This is linked to a theory that Apple does this intentionally to force users to upgrade to the latest iOS devices. But, this theory will be debunked with the release of iOS 9.

IOS 9 To Bring Better Performance To Older iPhone and iPads

One of the rumored highlights of iOS 9, internally known as ‘Gala’, is improved efficiency on older devices. iPhone 4S (from 2011!), iPad Mini and above devices, running A5 processor and above, would be supporting iOS 9 and to enable these devices to run the latest update properly, Apple is changing their development process. Unlike before, Apple would be working backwards by starting with a light iOS 9 core and then adding features on top to maintain decent performance levels on each device.

Starting with iOS 7, most devices took a huge hit in performance due to the animations and effects used across the operating system. Transparency, perspective zoom on wallpaper and other such features meant that devices would have to work harder to keep up with the updates, even though, some old devices had these effects completely disabled.

Let’s hope that this rumor turns out to be true and if so, this would be a rare scenario where a company provides updates for a 4 years old smartphone. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens specially because this means that my old iPad 3 might become useable again.

Apple is also working on adding the Apple Watch San Francisco font on iOS 9, a Rootless security system, improved stability and much more.

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