Apple Watch Does Not Do Many Things And There Are Good Reasons Why

Apple Watch can easily be considered the most hyped gadget of 2015 purely due to two reasons: this is Apple’s entry in to a new product market, after the iPad in 2010. Secondly, the wearables market is in its infancy and people are still trying to figure out whether they need one or not.

Apple Watch Does Not Do Many Things And There Are Good Reasons Why

However, after using the Apple Watch for a few days (and a Moto360 before it), I’ve noticed the following problems with user’s perceptions about what a Smartwatch should do. Here is my take on these common complaints.*

Apple Watch changed nothing for me

Apple Watch, or any Android Wear smartwatch is not going to change your life in anyway, unless you do something about it. A gadget has never automatically enhanced anyone’s life. It is up to the user to ensure that they integrate their purchase with their lifestyle to make the most out of it. I know users who use Smartphones just to make phone calls and text and not use the full potential of these devices. Similarly, you can make the best use of an Apple Watch by using apps and glances and setting up notifications which matter to you.

But Apple Watch has to be charged every night

We have to charge our laptops and smartphones everyday, despite them being way bigger in dimensions than an Apple Watch. Considering that you can get a day’s worth of battery out of an Apple Watch, when compared to bigger gadgets, it should be a plus point rather than an issue. Putting your gadgets on charge while you are asleep should not be an issue.  Maybe, when multiple days of battery life on laptops and smartphones is common, such complaints would make sense.

But I can’t watch videos or read full articles on Apple Watch

Because that is not what this wearable device is supposed to do. Have you ever spent a long time to see the time on your non-smartwatch? At most, you would see the date or check the temperature or start/stop your timers. Any interaction does not take more than a few minutes. The same logic applies on a smartwatch.

Maybe someday these activities might be feasible on a wearable device, but you know what’s a better solution for all these things? The smartphones or tablets that already exist.

Apple Watch does not have an always on display

Why should a smartwatch have an always on display since it will kill the battery life? Also, when you are not looking at it, who would you like it to stay on for? It’s the most personal device you can have and the taptic engine (which doesn’t vibrate like a phone to announce to others that you have a notification) is testimony to that. As long as the Apple Watch keeps turning on instantly when you look at it, which it does far better than other smartwatches, this is a moot point. I understand Android Wear has always on displays as optional but that comes with users complaining that it really hits the battery life too.

Apple Watch is too expensive

So is the LG Watch Urbane despite looking extremely cheap. For the same price, you can get a 38 mm watch, with exceptional build quality, great features, choice of countless original and third party wrist bands and peace of mind that Apple will keep working to improve it.

But should the Apple Watch still be cheaper than its current price? Yes, of course. Everybody wants everything to be cheaper than it is and that’s how the world works.

Wearables are not for everyone just like tablets aren’t. Between my iPhone, MacBook and Apple Watch**, I don’t miss not having a tablet because I cannot implement it in my workflow in anyway and I believe that is the same mindset a person should have before considering a smartwatch, whether it’s an Apple Watch or not.

P.S. Pebble Watch has better battery life and always on display, at the expense of a reduced feature set which does not include a high quality/resolution display, touch screen and many more so I have not mentioned it in the article. Even Pebble Time features are not on par.

*Your opinion may vary.

**This is not my review of the Apple Watch. That’s coming soon.

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