Unlock Windows with Apple Watch Using LockItUp App

LockItUp app allows users to lock their Mac or Windows PC using an Apple Watch. This means that you can lock your computer from literally anywhere around the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

The app was designed particularly to work with the Apple Watch and as of now is only available on the App Store. Simply put, LockItUp locks your PC or Mac, with its app and a program installed on your computer that uses very little background memory. You can also use the app from your iPhone to lock your computer. No longer will you be sitting on the toilet at the office wondering if you locked your computer only to return and find out that someone sent the entire office an email from your account telling them that you like to dance when no one is watching!

Lock it Up locks your Windows PC or Mac from Apple Watch

You may wonder why they wouldn’t simply use Bluetooth tech to lock computers. Sure, that seems fine, as long as you are not more than 35 feet from your computer, always! Yes, cloud based tech FTW!

Apple is working on a native feature for macOS which would let you unlock it from your Apple Watch when you are close by, without the need of entering a password. LockItUp does not provide unlocking since they do not store your password. Hopefully, they would add this feature in the future without compromising on security. Windows users with Apple Watches would love to have the same macOS like unlocking functionality.

The Apple Watch app is too barebones and does not support glances or complication. It definitely needs some more attention in upcoming updates.

LockItUp is available for $1.99 in the App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch. The desktop companion app is free for OS X and Windows.

Download LockItUp from App Store

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