Apple renames OS X to macOS – next version called macOS Sierra

Apple has announced the renaming of OS X to macOS to match the naming scheme of its other platforms. The next update has also been named Sierra. Here are all the new features of macOS Sierra.

Apple renames OS X to macOS - next version called macOS Sierra

OS X has been renamed after 15 years to macOS. It’s surprising to look back and realize that Apple’s operating system is so old.

Here are the biggest features and updates coming to macOS Sierra.

  • Auto-unlock via Apple Watch. You can now log into macOS without doing anything, as long as you are wearing your Apple Watch and it is unlocked
  • Universal clipboard for images, videos, text and more between macOS and iOS devices
  • iCloud now enables your desktop and documents folders to be accessible from other Macs and from your iOS devices.
  • Optimized Storage lets macOS automatically make room for more files when you are low on disk space. It helps you remove files that you no longer use and stores them in the Cloud.
  • Apple Pay on the web, through Safari. Authentication is done via iPhone (using touchID) or Apple Watch, via continuity.
  • Safari-like tabs for┬áMaps and iWork apps. Mail app already got this feature in El Capitan.
  • Picture-in-picture video playback for Safari. Works just like iPad functionality
  • Siri for macOS! You pin Siri results to the notification center, drag and drop results from search results to desktop and more.
  • Photos app gets support for intelligent search which allows it to automatically recognize people and objects in pictures. A new Memories feature helps you rediscover old photos and videos and create slideshows from them. You can also locate your photos on a map as long as they have geo-location.
  • Messages app gets all the same features as its iOS and watchOS counterpart. You can preview links and videos inline, share larger emojis or reactions to chat bubbles.
  • iTunes gets an all new Apple Music redesign, similar to iOS. With big bold fonts and vibrant colors, it looks much better and streamlined than before. I will review it once I get some hands-on time with the updates.

Apple will release the public beta in July while the final release will be this fall. Developers will receive a preview build today.

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