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Apple’s digital voice assistant, Siri, has finally gotten a commands catalog in the form of The commands list is available in 2 languages, contains 35 categories with 447 commands and 1117 variations, to bring clarity to what Siri can do on iOS and macOS. The list includes a wide variety of categories like Math, iPhones apps, social apps, navigation, translation, movies & TV shows, sports, decisions and more.  what can Siri do? While you can get a list of helpful commands when you tap the question mark icon at the bottom right of the screen when using Siri, is way more comprehensive. It is useful for those curious users looking for everything that Siri can respond to. has a user-friendly interface and lets you quickly access the commands and variations for each category, in English and German. The accompanying variations for each Hey Siri command serve as helpful guidelines for using Apple’s voice assistant. For example, you can ask Siri for the definition of ‘smartphone’ in two ways: ‘define smartphone’ and ‘what is the definition of smartphone?’. Both queries will provide the same results.

Google Now also has a similar website which lists all the voice commands it responds to. Created by Kristijan Ristovski, the website has a list of 150 commands and more than 1000 variations for Google’s voice assistant, invoked via the words ‘Okay Google’.

Starting with iOS 10, Siri will be open to third-party apps thanks to a new API called SiriKit. Developers will be able to integrate with Siri for the following 6 kinds of apps: ride booking, messaging, photos and video search, payments, calls using services like Skype and workouts for fitness and health apps. It will be interesting to see if will be expanded to list third party app commands after iOS 10’s release. iOS 10 will be released this fall for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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