Third-party app, Juno, brings YouTube to Apple’s Vision Pro headset

The recent release of Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset has left YouTube enthusiasts disappointed, as Google has opted not to develop a dedicated app for the spatial computer. However, third-party developer Christian Selig, renowned for his work on the now-defunct Reddit app Apollo, has come to the rescue with Juno, a $4.99 app available on the Apple App Store, offering a seamless YouTube experience on the Vision Pro.


Christian Selig’s Juno offers unofficial YouTube experience for $4.99

Despite being an unofficial third-party app, Juno delivers a native VisionOS UI experience, tapping into YouTube’s embed API. This allows for a range of features typically associated with a native YouTube app. Users can watch videos, navigate the platform, and enjoy essential playback controls such as scrubbing and skipping through content using pinch gestures.

Juno’s interface is translucent, blending seamlessly with the Vision Pro UI. The app respects video aspect ratios and is equipped to display YouTube ads, ensuring compatibility with Google’s policies. Notably, Juno even detects whether the user is a YouTube Premium subscriber, adjusting ad visibility accordingly.


The absence of official YouTube support for the Vision Pro has raised questions about Google’s decision-making. Unlike major services such as Spotify and Netflix, which also lack dedicated apps for Vision Pro, Google’s refusal seems to extend beyond concerns about the device’s viability. It hints at potential strategic considerations, possibly related to recent developments in iPhone sideloading in Europe or Apple’s App Store operations.

While YouTube’s official response directs users to Safari for playback on Vision Pro, Juno steps in to offer a more immersive alternative. Selig’s creation provides a dedicated YouTube player on Vision Pro, enhancing the viewing experience beyond what Safari can offer.


Christian Selig’s background as the developer of the popular Apollo Reddit client positions him as a seasoned app creator. Juno, born out of his frustration with the lack of a dedicated YouTube app, utilizes code from Apollo and YouTube’s APIs for seamless video playback within a third-party app. Selig ensures that Juno doesn’t use any private or internal APIs, assuring the app’s legitimacy.

While Juno currently supports a single window, Selig has plans to introduce multiview support in the future, taking advantage of Vision Pro’s capabilities. The app may undergo further development to include features such as comment viewing, immersive environments, and caption controls.

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