Vision Pro’s $3,500 price tag doesn’t include Find My support for location tracking

With cutting-edge features, Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset promises an immersive experience, particularly with its unique “Travel Mode” designed for airplane use. However, there’s a surprising twist that users need to be aware of: the absence of Find My location tracking.

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Vision Pro users resort to AirTag as a workaround for tracking shortcomings

Apple recently uploaded several support documents for Vision Pro users, highlighting the headset’s functionalities and limitations. Unlike other Apple devices that benefit from the comprehensive Find My tracking system, the headset takes a different approach. The only Find My feature supported by the device is the Activation Lock, a security measure preventing unauthorized usage or erasure.

“When you turn on Find My, you protect your Vision Pro with Activation Lock — but you can’t use another Apple device or the web to find Vision Pro on a map, play a sound to help find it, turn on Lost Mode, or remotely erase it,” Apple states in its support documentation.

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The exclusion of Find My tracking for the headset raises questions, and while Apple has not explicitly explained the decision, speculation points to its unique characteristics. Notably, the absence of an internal battery in the Vision Pro could be a contributing factor. Unlike other Apple devices, the headset draws power from an external battery pack, limiting its independence and continuous connectivity.

While the battery pack is designed to last up to 2.5 hours, the Vision Pro’s dependence on this external power source may hinder traditional location tracking capabilities associated with devices like iPhones.

For users concerned about the potential loss of their Vision Pro, there’s a workaround suggested by Apple: integrating an AirTag into the device’s travel case. While this doesn’t provide the comprehensive Find My features, it offers a way to track the headset using the Find My app on an iPhone or other Apple devices.

Spigen Vision Pro case

This workaround underscores the importance of vigilance, especially considering the headset’s premium price tag and the risk associated with using it in various settings, including travel scenarios where the device might be more vulnerable to theft.

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