KFC launches a limited edition smartphone in partnership with Huawei

KFC has launched a limited edition Android smartphone called Enjoy 7 Plus in China, in partnership with Huawei. Released on 13th July, the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 425 processor, 3,020 mAH battery, has a 5.5 inches screen, fingerprint scanner, 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. A microSD card can expand the phone’s storage up to 128GB. Enjoy 7 Plus is being launched as a celebratory gadget for KFC’s 30 years anniversary in China. There will only be 5000 units available for $162 or 1099 Yuan, which makes them a collectors item.

The exterior of Enjoy 7 Plus is similar to iPhone with a black front screen and iconic Colonel Sanders picture embossed on the phone’s dark red dull metallic back captioned ‘1987’. The phone comes with ‘KFC Kmusic’ app pre-installed, which allows users to compile and share playlists at KFC restaurants in China. Judging by the introductory video, customers can wirelessly play their songs on the restaurant’s speakers to celebrate occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or simply listen to their favorite beats while enjoying their meals. The phone also contains 100,000 of KFC’s virtual currency called ‘K dollars’.

The promo video of the Enjoy 7 by KFC and Huawei has an emotional touch. It starts with the year 1987 when KFC first opened in China and leads to 2017, representing 30 years of serving delicious fried chicken to happy customers. I am impressed by the Kmusic app because it gives freedom to the chain’s customers to decide what they want to listen to and changes the dine-in experience at KFC restaurants. However, it is a little unclear whether the app has a set list of songs to create playlists from or customers can add any song they want. Enjoy 7 Plus does have front and back cameras but their specs are not known yet and the promo video does not focus on taking pictures at all. The main focus is on Kmusic which delivers the jukebox feels.

Enjoy 7 Plus is available for purchase at KFC’s online Tmall store.

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