Kindle App updated for iOS devices with Audio and video features

Amazon has recently updated its Kindle App for iPad , iPhone and iPod touch with the ability to play video and audio embedded in their e-books. This move is really interesting from the point of Kindle because they don’t even have this support in their own e-book readers.

Kindle App for iPad

Kindle has also launched a small collection of e-books which have embedded video and audio clips which includes Knitting for Dummies 2e , Les Miserables Vol 9 , Together We Cannot Fail and many more.

The amazing thing about this new feature is that these e-books cost the same as the book without audio and video, $9.99. Amazon still has not announced these features for their own Kindle device or for Android users. It shows that they are more concentrated towards their Kindle App for iOS devices as they have more buyers here then their own device.

The books which have embedded audio and video will only be available via Wifi because of the large files. Apple‘s own iBooks app still don’t have this feature but we hope they will soon announce this feature for their iBooks app.

[via theAppleblog]

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