Future HomePod model could feature LCD display

According to a new report, Apple engineers are working on a new HomePod with an integrated LCD screen. This display could act as a smart hub for visual notifications while also showing current music and podcasts.


Leaked HomePod prototype hints at visual album art and notification hub

A leaked image, believed to be of the upcoming HomePod, has surfaced online. Shared online by “Kosutami,” a prominent device collector and leaker, the image reveals a HomePod similar to the recently released second-generation model, but with a new addition: a functional LCD display on top.

The leaked image shows an app named “LcdUTest” on the screen, suggesting an internal tool for testing the new display.

The LCD display will likely offer a visually immersive experience, with rumors suggesting the screen will display a blurred animation inspired by the colors of the album art when listening to music or podcasts. Additionally, the screen might serve as a hub for important notifications, further enhancing its role in a user’s smart home ecosystem.

While specific details remain under wraps, code within tvOS 17 hints at the development of apps like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, optimized for seamless integration with the new display.

Kosutami’s reputation for accurately unveiling pre-release information about Apple products, including FineWoven accessories, various prototypes, MagSafe chargers, and AirPods in different colors, lends weight to the authenticity of the leaked image.

Adding to this, 9to5Mac claims to have independently verified the legitimacy of the images with its sources. The prototype, codenamed “B720,” is reportedly an active development project at Apple.

Apple’s plan for smart home products

Today’s report of a HomePod with an LCD screen fits into Apple’s broader smart home strategy. This development also aligns with reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who initially suggested in 2021 that Apple was exploring smart speakers with displays and cameras. Furthermore, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has hinted at a redesigned HomePod with a 7-inch display expected to hit the market in the first half of 2024.

In the past, numerous sources have also suggested that the tech giant is working on a product that combines Apple TV and HomePod capabilities, offering an all-in-one entertainment and smart home hub.

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