Leaked screenshots of Windows Live Essentials 2010 Milestone Beta 3

Livebeta.net has posted some new screenshots of the latest build of Windows Live Essentials 2010 Milestone beta 3. One of the screenshot shows that the build version is 15.3.2688.420, it was complied on April 20, 2010 and its total size is 188MB. Another bit of information we have is that within the next week, invitations will be sent out to limited number of testers on Microsoft Connect.

Some of the noticeable changed in this build are:

  • Live Sync and Family Safety have new logos.
  • A new login system which will connect all packages of live essentials to your live ID.
  • New Calendar pane has a “quick event“ box located at the right bottom of the window which allows users to quickly add an event to the calendar.
  • Windows Live Messenger no longer has a menu bar on top. All the options have been moved to the bottom bar
  • Windows Live movie Maker finally has webcam support which means that you should be able to directly record video clips to Movie Maker with your webcam.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery has an option to tag pictures with the button shown as People tag in the screenshot. Photo Gallery also has a new quick find feature which is a quicker way for users to identify and tag their friends.

[via liveside.net]

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