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In older days, learning guitar used to require a special teacher for you to do so, but with the technology and evolution we’re seeing, you can now learn how to play it while checking for your Email. That’s right, you can learn how to play the guitar online.

Here are some of the best resources we found on the internet:

1. JamPlay:


JamPlay teaches you hot to play guitar via online video lessons. They offer 372+hours of lessons from several instructors. They also offer 12+ hours of live webcam lessons each day. And for a small fee of $19.95, you will have unlimited access for what they have to offer. And they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Whether you’re a newbie, or an intermediate, they have lessons for all of you. They teach different kind of music, such as Jazz, Blues, Metal, Classic Rock, Country and much more.

To sum it up, they have 372+ hours of video lessons from several instructors and they have a live webcam lesson for 12+ hours daily, all for a one time fee of $19.95.

They also offer some free lessons, but as they claim those free lessons are only 2.97% of what they have. For free lessons, click here.

2. Zentao Guitar Lessons:


Zentao Guitar Lessons is a free online resource for you to learn to play guitar. Each lesson is based on what you learned in the previous one. You can use both an Acoustic and an Electrical guitar for both. They take you form a complete beginner to an experienced guitar player!

Once you are done learning and you feel comfortable using your guitar, check out their main page for more guitar related information such as general music theory, practice lessons, how to read guitar tabs and diagrams and more!


  • Free guides for guitar dummies.
  • 9 lessons in total, taking you from a total beginner to an experienced player.
  • General lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar learners, but originally made for electrical guitar learners.
  • Each Lessons has the necessary theory and techniques in one place.
  • Free with no signup required

3. About.com Guitar Lesson:

About.com Guitar Lessons

If you’re a beginner, guitar lessons at About.com is the best for you. It has lessons to cover the basics, has some guitar tips, some songs for beginners, and even a tutorial on how to buy a guitar. This website covers the basics of an Acoustic Guitar. It also teaches you how to fix your guitar, and informs you about everything you need to know about guitars. It’s one heck of a website, so be sure to check it out!

4. Guitar Tricks:


Whether you are experienced or not, they offer lessons for both. They have been teaching guitar lessons online (as they claim) for 10 years, so they have experience. They will teach you everything you need to know. They offer 24 free lessons, but if you want more you can buy a subscription. The subscription costs no more then $14.99. They also have a forum for discussions, and they look very professional. Check it out!

5. Garage Band:


Garage Band is a Mac Based software that teaches you to play on several instruments. It’s truly magnificent. They have video tutorials in the software, and they teach you how to play a song, by informing you about finger placements on your guitar chords, all on the screen. What’s interesting though, is you can buy lessons from artists for $4.99 an artist. Artists include Fall Out Boy, Sting, OneRepublic and many more.

Garage Band is your own studio. You don’t have to use a studio to record a song, Garage Band covers everything for you. You can also make tunes and music within the software which makes it one of the best music producing software in the world. Period.

To get Garage Band you’ll have to purchase iLife. iLife costs $79.99, but don’t choke over the price, because iLife includes iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, iWeb, and iDVD.

6. YouTube:

What better place to look for online free videos other then the famous video sharing platform, YouTube? Well you can search for tutorials on YouTube, or you can subscribe to some users I recommend, Petal1981TrueFireTV and you can check out Clysemetra55‘s playlist of expertvillage videos. Make sure you subscribe to their channel for guides and tutorials, and make sure you look at their first videos to start from the very beginning in case you are just beginning, and you can skip some videos are more in-depth. Don’t just stick to those two YouTubers, you can search for more, because I am sure there are a lot of people who post tutorials.

Good luck with your Guitar Education!

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  1. There is no need to pay for tutorials (at least in the start). You should be self taught player and youtube is your best friend for free tutorials.

  2. If you have surfed the so-called free programs, you know that most leave you hanging or confused because they assume too much about your level of skill. They throw out technical terms as if we understand about open E tuning, 12 bar blues, tablature, and on and on they lecture. We get buried in theory that only Beethoven could understand. Most of these freebies are not for beginners or if you play other styles of music on guitar. Playing blues guitar has its own unique set of moves and techniques that must be learned on their own.

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