Steve Jobs still using 3.1.2 on his iPhone??!!!

Mike from Macsoda wrote 9to5mac that he got a response from Steve Jobs to his email regarding the Future Cut Pro (40 of its developers were let go). Steve Jobs said:

No worries. FCP is alive and well.

9to5mac team asked him to send header information from the email, which he did.

Email header

The email looks authentic as it was from an internal Apple 17.x.x.x IP address. But if you looks closely, it says iPhone Mail (7D11) which means that Steve Jobs is still using 3.1.2. That’s not the latest version (3.1.3 – 7E18), and not the next beta OS we wanted to see.

But if you think deeply, why do you think Steve Jobs still has the old firmware on his iPhone? Does he think the latest version isn’t too good for him? Is he waiting for a major update? Or does he have a jailbroken iPhone and he doesn’t want to update (Joke)? Whatever the reason is, he really should update his iPhone by plugging it, and checking iTunes for the latest firmware.

[via 9to5mac]

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