How To Create A Bootable OS X Lion DVD / USB Using Lion DiskMaker

We have already written a guide on how you can create your own bootable OS X Lion DVD as a backup, once you have download OS X Lion from Mac App Store since Apple is not officially shipping OS X Lion on any optical media at the moment. You can also install your purchased copy of Lion on a compatible Mac without an optical drive such as a Macbook Air by making a bootable OS X Lion USB / External drive or even install Lion on a separate partition on the same computer also running Snow Leopard. And now, here comes a “one-click solution” for creating your own bootable OS X Lion DVD or USB thumb drive, called the Lion DiskMaker.

All you need to do is download Lion DiskMaker and copy your Lion installer file downloaded from the Mac App Store, which is located in the /Applications folder by default. Once done, plug in your USB thumb drive, a blank DVD or an SD card (greater than 4GB capacity) and run Lion DiskMaker. Follow the on screen instructions and you should have your desired bootable OS X Lion DVD / USB drive in no time!

** Lion DiskMaker will completely erase any media (USB drive, SD Card etc.) it makes bootable, so backup any important information.

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