M1 iPad Pro apps limited to 5GB of RAM, even with 16GB variant

Apple’s M1 iPad Pro models feature 8GB RAM, except for the 1TB and 2TB variants, which ship with 16GB RAM. This is the first time that Apple has openly shared the amount of RAM that is available in iPad Pro.

According to information revealed by Savage Interactive, the company behind Procreate, it does not matter if your 2021 iPad Pro has 8 or 16 GB of RAM as no single app in iPadOS can use more than 5GB currently because of an Apple-imposed restriction. This means that no iPadOS app can use all the hardware resources of the 2021 iPad Pro models to the fullest extent.

M1 iPad Pro

M1 iPad Pro apps are currently limited to 5GB of RAM, even with 16GB model

After announcing its latest M1 iPad update, the developers behind Procreate confirmed on Twitter that “all M1 iPads have the same amount of RAM available” for developers to use. The reply came after one Procreate user said that they were hoping the 16GB M1 iPad Pro might be granted for layers and dimensions than they were currently getting because the tablet has more power.


Multiple layers in the drawing app can add immense pressure on the RAM, and the latest version of Procreate handles up to 115 – compared to 90 layers on the previous version. So, even though Apple’s limit does not prevent developers from offering performance improvements for their apps, it does limit how much the apps are able to do.

While Apple’s iPadOS apps have always been limited in how much RAM they can use by iPadOS, the M1 iPad Pro’s restriction is much more confusing because its RAM cannot be utilized by apps that have a ton of features to offer.

12.9-inch iPad Pro

It is important to note that the tablet does need some of its RAM to keep its software running, perform background tasks, and for quick app switching. With that been said, it is obvious that the highly reviewed tablet is not being used to its full capabilities.

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