Procreate gains support for M1 iPad Pro with 4x faster performance with more layers

Procreate has received a new update that brings support for M1 iPad Pro with 4x faster performance and support for more layers to work with. This update does not feature the new AR Preview updates and accessibility improvements that were announced recently.

Procreate M1 iPad Pro

Procreate 5.1.8: M1 iPad Pro optimizations and more layers

Procreate was already working well on the new M1 iPad Pro, but this new update allows it to take full advantage of the additional horsepower on offer which makes it 50% faster than its predecessor. The app can now render high-resolution artworks up to 4x faster. Due to the additional memory and performance headroom, the app also lets users work with more layers than on other iPad models.

The update was announced on Twitter by the official Procreate account:

Hey y’all, we’ve just released the M1 compatibility patch. #Procreate on the M1 iPad Pro is up to 4x faster with even more layers. If you’re thinking about getting the new iPad Pro, this is the best Procreate experience yet!

This is still not the 5.2 update that Procreate had previewed last month. That update will bring support for previewing artwork in Augmented Reality with realistic lighting and shadow effects, and accessibility improvements to allow users with disabilities to access the interface using VoiceOver, as well as an inclusive interface that makes tools and brushes easier to find. The update is still mentioned as ‘coming soon’ on Procreate’s website.

The app is available for download from the App Store for $9.99. If you are an artist and got the iPad Pro for its Pencil support, this is a must-have app.

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