M1 MacBook Air SSD twice as fast as Intel MacBook Air SSD, confirm benchmarks

Early testing by users has confirmed Apple’s claims that the new M1 MacBook Air SSD is twice as fast as its predecessor, Intel MacBook Air’s SSD. The read and write speeds are a little over twice the speed of the 2020 Intel model.

Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air SSD twice as fast as Intel MacBook Air SSD

As customers have started receiving their deliveries of M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, they have been posting their initial M1 chip impressions and benchmarks on the Internet. Users who do not have the new Macs yet have been demanding benchmarks numbers for Geekbench, Cinebench, and the likes.

A user on MacRumors forum has posted a disk speed test showing the read and write speeds for the SSD in their 256GB M1 MacBook Air. The speed test was conducted using Black Magic Disk Speed test app, and showed the following results for the M1 Mac:

  • Write speed: 2190.1 MB/s
  • Read speed: 2676.4 MB/s

Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air

To put things into perspective, the 2020 Intel MacBook Air SSD, which was improved from the slower 2019 MacBook Air’s SSD, scores the following in the same benchmark:

  • Write speed: 1007 MB/s
  • Read speed: 1319 MB/s

The reason behind this speed improvement is the storage controller used Apple Silicon M1 chip, which, combined with the latest flash storage, delivers twice the SSD performance.

The user who posted this benchmark also said that Microsoft Teams loads faster using Rosetta, than it did on his Intel-based Mac.

Early impressions are already showing the M1 Macs outperforming iMac Pro with 128GB RAM in video export performance in Final Cut Pro, which is absolutely bonkers if you ask us. Check out our previous coverage to find out more about the performance improvements that the new M1 Macs have promised and are actually delivering.

The reviews for the new M1 Macs are expected to come out today. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the latest news and updates on the new M1 chip based Macs.

via MacRumors

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