Here is macOS Catalina running on iPad Pro via x86 emulation

A video shared on YouTube demonstrates macOS Catalina running on the current 2020 iPad Pro. The video delivers a good look at an impressive hack that has macOS up and running on Apple’s iPad Pro.

Those users who dream of iPad and Mac merging someday might get a bit of hope from this new video posted by Yevgen Yakovliev on Wednesday.

iPad Pro with OLED - macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina on iPad Pro via x86 emulation

In the video, Yakovliev uses x86 emulation done through UTM software that allows virtual machines to run on iOS. Apart from that, there is limited information regarding the process of getting macOS Catalina to work on an iPad Pro.

In other words, the tablet is simply pretending that it has an Intel processor so it can operate software composed for Intel chips. Relatively, this is not new, a person who has technical know-how can use UTM to run macOS X 10.5 Leopard (or even an earlier version) on an iPad. The difference is that Yevgen Yakovliev’s video shows an iPad running macOS Catalina, which UTM has not supported previously.

The whole process is dreadfully slow though. Booting up into macOS Catalina took approximately 20 minutes, but the original creator says that it has been optimized since then and now takes around 5-7 minutes to boot up. 

The whole video is over 37 minutes long because of how slow macOS Catalina is on the iPad Pro, additionally, it is not usable or a functional installation at this point. Still, it is exciting to see the macOS operating system on an iPad Pro.

You can see the full video here.

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