macOS Sonoma allows users to restore Macs through Finder

With the upcoming macOS Sonoma update, Mac users will be greeted with a notable improvement: a straightforward method to revive or restore a Mac stuck in DFU mode. This update brings a significant change, eliminating the need for the Apple Configurator app for recovery. Instead, users can initiate a seamless Mac-to-Mac restoration process directly from the Finder app.

DFU mode can rear its head after power failure during a macOS update or upgrade, leaving a once-responsive Mac in an unresponsive state. Traditionally, a secondary Mac was the solution to rescue the affected device. However, the macOS Sonoma would change that with more streamlined approach.

macOS Sonoma

DFU mode recovery simplified with macOS Sonoma to with Mac-to-Mac restoration method

In previous macOS versions like Ventura, recovering a Mac in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode required a secondary Mac equipped with the Apple Configurator app. However, macOS Sonoma ushers in a new era, removing the requirement for Apple Configurator altogether. This marks a substantial leap in user convenience and a reduction of software dependencies.

The restoration or revival process using Finder closely mirrors the steps previously performed with Apple Configurator. The main difference? No additional software is needed. The indispensable USB-C cable remains the linchpin, connecting the two Macs. Despite the shift, the restoration process maintains its straightforward nature. Both Macs should sport the macOS Sonoma update for this method to work seamlessly.

As of now, macOS Sonoma is in the beta testing phase, indicating its imminent launch within the next one to two months. In addition to simplifying recovery for DFU mode, macOS Sonoma offers a host of exciting features. Interactive widgets bring iPhone widgets to Mac for task completion and media control. Video conferencing is enhanced by the Presenter Overlay and creative Reactions. Safari gains private browsing improvements, profile organization, and web app creation.

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