macOS Sonoma adds new Game Mode to expand the gaming potential of Macs

Apple recently announced macOS Sonoma which features a new Game Mode that prioritizes gaming performance by optimizing CPU and GPU usage to increase the frame rate of any currently played game. 

macOS Sonoma Game Mode

Game Mode boosts CPU and GPU performance by deprioritizing background tasks for an optimized gaming experience

Powered by Apple silicon, Macs deliver exceptional graphics performance to provide users with an incredible gaming experience. macOS Sonoma expands that gaming potential further by introducing “Game Mode”. 

The new feature is designed to prioritize a game’s access to CPU and GPU resources, as well as reduce audio latency for AirPods and input latency for Bluetooth controllers to significantly improve performance and reduce lag, making games feel smoother and more responsive.

macOS Game Mode 2

Although Game Mode works with all games that run on macOS Sonoma. However, some games may not benefit from Game Mode as much as others. For instance, games that are already very well-optimized for Mac may not see that much improvement in performance when Game Mode would be enabled.

There will also be a new Gaming Porting Toolkit for developers that is designed to significantly reduce the amount of time required to port games from the PC to Mac. More specifically, a “simpler conversion process” is included for shaders and graphics code in the Metal API.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

To affirm its commitment to gaming on the Mac, during WWDC 2023, Apple had Metal Gear Solid auteur Hideo Kojima announce that he is bringing Death Stranding: Director’s Cut to macOS later this year. The developer is also actively working to bring future titles to macOS.

Kojima said that Death Stranding’s arrival on Mac is “just the beginning” of Kojima Productions’ work on Apple platforms. He also said that he is a “die-hard Apple fan” and that he has been wanting to bring his games to Mac for a long time.


macOS Sonoma will be made available in the fall alongside the announcement of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. The first developer beta of macOS Sonoma has been released for developers and a public beta will become available in July.

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