Leaker hints at iPad Pro-like Magic Keyboard for other iPad models

The Magic Keyboard that Apple announced earlier this year in April might be available for other iPad models like the 7th generation iPad or the iPad Air soon, according to very reliable Twitter user L0vetodream.

One of the biggest cons of this keyboard is that it is only available for iPad Pro models. Users who have older generation iPads have to resort to third-party devices to get the same level of functionality that the iPad Pro offers.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard 2

The possibility that Apple will make the Magic Keyboard accessible for cheaper iPad models was suggested by @L0vetodream, the anonymous leaker that also correctly predicted the colors and storage configurations of the iPhone SE (2nd generation) and the release of new Apple computers in May 2020.

This leaker, along with other sources, also claims that the iPad Air will get a fourth-generation refresh, in which it may adopt some components of the iPad Pro. This refresh may include internal changes that will make the compatibility with the Magic Keyboard possible, switching from Lighting to USB-C for charging and an under-screen version of Touch ID.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Apple’s decision to introduce full mouse and trackpad support to iPadOS this year has been very advantageous for iPad Pro users. This decision led to Apple offering its own superior Magic Keyboard for the Pro tablet line-up. The keyboard comes with a trackpad that is fully integrated with iPadOS and offers a sleek design to users.

There are still some queries that users have about this expansion, like what will the cost be? the current Magic Keyboard for 11-inch iPad Pro costs around $300 on Amazon. You can buy a regular iPad for almost the same amount of money. So, if the keyboard will be available for the cheaper iPads, will there also be a drop in cost?

The decision to make this keyboard available to other iPad models might make the cheaper iPads even more attractive to customers, which in turn, could seriously boost Apple’s sales.

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