New CADs reiterate iPhone 12 series will have iPad Pro like design

As Apple’s, usual, September new iPhone launch time is coming nearer, more iPhone 12 leaks are circulating in the tech industry. Recently, photos of finalized CADs (computer aided design) models of the entire line-up of the flagship smartphone have re-surfaced which confirm the existing rumors of the phone’s new design.

A Twitter account from New Zealand, @Jin_Store posted pictures of CADs of the new flagship smartphone series on the platform. The design of the leaked models reinstates an iPad Pro like design of all the models of the new flagship iPhone 12 series. Earlier reports from March and April claimed that the external design of Apple’s new smartphone will be similar to the new 2020 iPad Pro’s design.

According to the leaked images, the new flagship iPhone 12 models would have flat curvature edges and sides, unlike the current iPhone 11 design. Previously, a tech analyst and Apple leaker @EverythingApplePro reported that after many drop tests, Apple’s engineers choose the flat curve design for it durability and stronger resistance to screen and body damage at fall.

Personally, I like a new shape because it will differentiate the new from the old. The round curvature shape was introduced in the iPhone 6 series and it is about time that Cupertino HQ delivers a change.

A lot of existing reports claim that Apple will beef-up the rear camera in the new iPhone with four lenses. However, the leaked images by @Jin_Store show an iPhone 11 Pro like triple camera system in the upcoming iPhone 12 high-end models.

iPhone 12 Details

Here is a round-up possible iPhone 12 details based on reports and leaks from tech analysts and supply chain sources.

We could have easily ruled out these images as insignificant design assumptions of smartphone cover manufacturer but interestingly, the CADs have surfaced at the same time as new smartphone model numbers were discovered in EEC patent listings a few days ago.

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