iPhone 12 Pro Max design leaks show iPad Pro inspiration

Fresh leaks of Apple’s new flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max design, illustrate a sleek futuristic device. A 70% complete CAD (computed aided design) produced in January this year was obtained by Max Weinbach which details the smartphone’s exterior specifications like notch, bezels, camera, display, thickness and more.

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max would have a 6.7 inch display inherently with higher display to body ration. It will be thinner and taller, with an estimated 7.39 mm thickness. To go along with the sleek look, Apple is said to have reduced the bezels of the device.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Leaked Design

It will have a flat glass front and back with completely flat sides and slightly curved edges. The glass font and back will be slighted elevated from the frame, maybe to minimize the damage to glass body if dropped.

The rear camera will have a perfect square shape and will be 31.75mm in width and length. All lenses will be embedded in the frame instead of protruding out. The lens are also expected to be larger by 1 to 2 mm, than the current iPhone 11 Pro Max camera lens. As previous leaks suggested, the body and camera of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max are very similar to 2020 iPad Pro design.

The notch has become smaller in length, but there is uncertainty over its width. The CAD suggested that the width might be the same, but as we know Apple makes a lots of changes before launch so it might be made smaller, based on other leaks and rumors. The sim tray has been moved to the other side, probably to support the new internal layout with a square battery taking up the whole bottom space and everything else placed on top.

For 5G support, there is a new 1.83mm wide antenna band to deliver faster cellular and WiFi connectivity. According to other rumors, Apple has improved the speaker quality on the new flagship iPhone which will be 10 to 25 percent louder and will have more dynamic range. The CAD shows that externally the speakers have a new grill with one less hole as well. The design also has a 3.5cm smart connector but for now tech analysts are not sure what for. It might be used for Apple Pencil. Furthermore, it is also rumored that Apple will release the new iPhone 12 Pro models in two tones of navy blue.

Check out the complete video below:

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