New leaks report iPad Air with under-display Touch ID, 12-inch MacBook, Gaming Controller and more

An anonymous Apple leaker @Lovetodream joined Twitter in February this year, and since then has been spot on with upcoming products, release dates, and more. Interestingly, last month his account tweeted a list of upcoming Apple products with a few new ones like iPad Air with under-display Touch ID, ARM-based 12-inch MacBook, and others.

New iPad Air with under-display Touch ID and other products

The new products mentioned in the list are iPad Air with under-display Touch ID, 12-inch ARM-based MacBook, and a gaming controller.

According to @lovetodream, Apple will update the iPad Air series with a mini LED screen and under-display Touch ID sensor. Interestingly, Apple released the new 2020 iPad Pro last month and both of the aforementioned new technologies are not part of the device. If true, these features will make the new iPad Air an innovative device with new technologies before any other device in Apple’s product line-up. Under-display Touch ID has been long speculated but never been implemented by Apple. Instead, the company opted to use Face ID in its premium product offerings, while relegating Touch ID to cheaper products. It is also worth noting that this anonymous account is the only leaker to speculate on the release of an updated iPad Air.

iPad Air with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

Various sources have claimed that the new ARM-MacBook powered by an A-series processing chip might launch in 2021, without mentioning which MacBook model. However, the anonymous leaker claims that Apple would release a new 12-inch MacBook because its fan-less design would deliver better performance with better thermals with the in-house produced A-series processors compared to Intel x86 processors. Apple had killed off the 12-inch MacBook with Intel’s Core M processors last year.

A new gaming controller is the third eye-catching device on the list. The company has a MFi program to support third-party controllers, along with support in iOS for Xbox and Playstation controllers, however, this would be the first time that Apple would release its own game controller. The list also includes Apple TV, which makes us assume that the company might market it together with the new controller for Apple Arcade.

Other Apple Products

Since it is an older tweet, some products on the list have been released and others are still widely talked about. The tweet mentions four variants of the new flagship iPhone 12 series: 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro, and two 6.1-inch iPhone 12 models. According to other rumors, iPhone 12 will have an iPad Pro like design, 5G support, smaller notch, among other features.

Like @Lovetodream, Jon Prosser also announce the development and release of two new headphone models by Apple. These would include premium over-ear headphones, and sports-focused AirPods X. It was also reported that third-generation AirPods could be launched as early as next month.

Corroborating this claim, sources familiar with future products claim that Apple is working on a mini HomePod. The idea is to make HomePod more competitive against popular speakers by Google and Amazon in the market. As a bundle, Apple is also rumored to be working on Apple Tags for people to easily locate keys, handbags or anything they can attach the tag with.

At the time of writing this articles, Apple released the new iPhone SE a few days ago. Powered by an A13 chip, the new iPhone SE has an iPhone 8-like design, glass body and improved camera. We believe that the anonymous account’s ‘iPhone 9 A13’ is a reference to iPhone SE.

Apple also released the new 2020 iPad Pro in March, which was also tweeted by the anonymous account.

The accuracy of the leaks by this new account has caught the tech industry’s attention. We will be keeping an eye out on future updates from this account.

via MacRumors

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