Prosser releases an alleged 3-D model of the new AirTags by Apple

In the latest video on his YouTube channel, Jon Prosser has shared an alleged 3-D model of the expected AirTags by Apple. Attached to objects, the Bluetooth tags are expected to help users locate their items, especially the ones which the frequently misplace.

As a leaker, Prosser has some hits and some miss track record of Apple-related leaks. However, another leaker with a good track record, @L0vetoDream also claimed that Apple is likely to release AirTags in 2020 but he did not mention a time frame.


New AirTags by Apple

In the video, Prosser claims that AirTags are powered by ultra-wide U1 chip like in the current iPhone 11 models. The functionality of the alleged AirTags is similar to the Bluetooth-connected Tiles.

However, the design of Apple’s tags is not like attachable Tiles but more like Tiles Stickers which are pasted on flat surfaces. Prossers 3-D model exhibits a circular white device that is of the size of a bottle’s cap, with a plain matte surface on the front and a metallic coin like a plate at the back with the product’s details and Apple’s logo.


Prosser also states that a leather pouch will be sold, separately, to hold the digital tag and be hanged with objects. Based on the 3-D model of Apple’s AirTag’s paste design will attach it to flat surfaces like iPads, chargers, boxes, and it can be attached to other commonly lost items like keys, handbags, wallets in the leather pouch. There are no details on the price range of AirTags or if they will be sold in bundles.

The leaker states that his concept design is based on the “actual AirTag” and that he has not shared the original videos of the device to protect his supply chain source. Previously, Prosser gave the same explanation for a concept AirPower concept design, which became a controversial leak as other renowned analysts like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman questioned the authenticity of the news. Having said that, there are several sources corroborating Prosser’s claim of the AirTags but not its design.

There are contradictory reports on the launch of the alleged AirTags. Prossers claims that Apple will release the digital tags, along with HomePod, new Apple Watch Series 6, and iPad models at the September 15 event. But a report by Nikkei Asian Review states that AirTags will launch in October with the new iPhone 12 series.

Sep logo-event

The September 15 is only hours away, the event will confirm some and refute other rumors of the expected products this month. Stay tuned to iThinkDifferent for all the latest news and updates.

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