Priced at $49 per unit, AirTags will launch in March 2021 – Leak

A popular leaker @LeaksApplePro has shared new pricing and compatibility details and an expected launch date of Apple’s alleged AirTags. The leaker shared on Twitter that electronic tags will cost $49 per unit which is an expensive price tag for a product that users are expected to purchase in bundles.

The alleged AirTags are electronic Bluetooth tags that magnetically attached to different items so users can easily locate them via the Find My app on their smartphones. The tags are ideal for frequently misplaced items like Keys, handbags, wallet, or even to find one’s car in a big and crowded parking lot. Since March, it was speculated that Apple would launch its own digital tags at every event this year, but the product did not make the cut. Now, it is reported that the Cupertino tech giant will launch AirTags in 2021.

AirTags to launch in March 2021

@LeaksApplePro writes that Apple AirTags will be compatible with iPhone 11 and later models with U1 chip which is means that users with older iPhone models like iPhone X and earlier would have to upgrade their smartphone set to use the alleged Bluetooth tags. The leaker also claims that the product will “unveil in an event on March 16”, therefore we can assume that Apple will launch AirTags via a press release since the company does not hold events in March.

Previously, another leaker with a mixed track-record @Jon Prosser reported that Apple’s AirTags have a circular design with an all-white exterior and an embossed Apple logo on the back. Prosser further detailed that the Bluetooth tags will be powered by an ultra-wide U1 chip like in the current iPhone 11 models and will function like the third-party tags by Tile.


Tile is an already established name in the electronic tracking tags industry. However, the manufacturer is unhappy with Apple. After the news of Apple’s own tracking tags broke, in June, the company wrote a letter to the European Commission, accusing Apple of anti-competitive behavior. Tile claimed that,

By default Apple has disabled “always allow” location tracking for third-party apps and kept it “on” for Find My app in iOS 13. Furthermore, Tile maintains that it is denied equal placement in the App Store and that the accused has stopped selling its products in Apple Stores.


Apple denied any wrongdoing and stated that Tile was upset over the new iOS 14 privacy features. Recently, it was also reported that Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy Smart Tags ahead of Apple AirTags next year.

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