Apple is working on a foldable iPhone prototype with separate displays

Apple is allegedly working on a foldable iPhone prototype that would come with two, separate, displays connected by a hinge. Long time Apple leaker and tech analyst, Jon Prosser shared the details on twitter of the possible new foldable iPhone.

Prosser shared that the design of the upcoming foldable iPhone has a stainless steel body, round edges (similar to the current iPhone 11), and no notch on the alleged smartphone. He says that instead of a fully packed notch with sensors and front camera, the new smartphone would have a  ‘tiny forehead’ for Face ID authentication on the front display.

Praising the design and functionality, Prosser explains that Apple has accomplished a “fairly continuous and seamless” display, even with two individual screens connected by a hinge. However, he does not go into display details like resolution, home screen design, icon sizes and others.

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Another leaker, Steve McFly with @OnLeaks account on Twitter was skeptical of Prosser’s information on the completely redesigned iPhone. McFly suggested that the would-be foldable smartphone by Apple sounds like ‘BS”, but despite being called out on his sources and authenticity, Prosser publicly stands by the information he shared which suggests that he has strong sources at his back for the leaks.

Discovered Patents for the Foldable iPhone

I must admit, as far fetched as the information seems, there is evidence to support Prosser’s claim. A patent from March 2020 described the device as having ‘two separate displays that could be brought together to create a bendable device with a hinge’, which is quite similar to Prosser’s leaks.

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Foldable Devices: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Duo

There are a few foldable smartphones available in the market; Samsung Galaxy Fold is a notorious model which has been in news for its faulty single screen display design with a fold in the middle to open and close the device. Microsoft is expected to release new Surface Duo later this year, with two screens connected with a hinge.

Prosser believes that Apple’s version of a foldable phone looks fairly similar to Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Surface Duo, which feature dual displays connected with a hinge on both devices.

The rumors for a foldable iPhone date back to 2016 along with several approved patents about the design. It is still unknown if Apple’s foldable phones will be moving out of the prototype stage anytime soon, and therefore, there are no plans of it launching in the near future.

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