New 2020 iMac with slimmer bezels seen in leaked iOS 14 Code

Reports claim that 2020 iMac is getting a major redesign at this year’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference. According to tipster iFinder on Twitter, iMac will be getting a similar look like the current iPad Pro with slimmer bezels and flat edges.

The alleged new design was leaked in a tweet by iFinder which illustrates a complete look of the  possible upcoming changes made to Mac’s screen. There has not been any additional information about the changes yet.

iFinder wrote on Twitter (translation):

“In IOS 14 code, a schematic image of the new generation iMac was found. And as for me it looks fantastic))) (render mine)”

Other news sources related to upcoming Apple’s all-in-one computer, a recent leak from Sonny Dickson, reiterated that the design of the new iMac would be similar to 2020 iPad Pro’s. In addition, he also shared details that the new machine would be upgraded with AMD Navi GPU, own T2 security chip, and would say goodbye to fusion drive.

2020 iMac with iPad Pro Design

Apple increased the display’s size, in the current iPad Pro, by reducing the bezels and not increasing the overall size of the tablet. Many reports claim that the company is expected to do the same for upcoming products like iMac and the new flagship iPhone 12 series.

It is understandable that Cupertino HQ opted for the flat curvature and sides instead of round edges for its tablet line-up because the flat design is said to be more durable with stronger damage resistance on falls. For the same reasons, the design will be beneficial in the upcoming smartphone series. Maybe to give a uniform look to all new devices, Apple would redesign the new computer as well.

However, the 13-inch MacBook Pro was announced with the same design despite several leaks that suggested changes.

MacBook Pro 13-inch iMac like design

We can only be sure of the changes when the official product is announced. If these leaks are accurate, iMac’s redesign would be a major update to Apple’s desktop lineup. The update is expected to launch at Apple’s all-online WWDC event on June 22. 

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