New iMac, AirPods, and Apple TV 4K ready to launch soon

According to tech analyst and reliable tipster Jon Prosser, the company is set to release new AirPods, iMac, and Apple TV 4K “at any time”. In his tweet, the analyst claims that all these products are ready to ship.

Apple released iPhone SE 2020 and 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 in recent weeks, and is revealing the rest of its 2020 product lineup gradually, with new leaks arriving every day. Prosser has a very impressive track record in terms of sharing accurate Apple intel with users. Therefore, it seems reasonable to believe that these new products will be announced very soon.

2020 iMac Refresh

Apple last updated the iMac in 2019, after a gap of two whole years. As per the rumors, a new update looks to be just around the corner for iMac users.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Apple is expected to launch a new HomePod mini, iMacs, Apple Tags, and Apple TV this year. Reports also suggested that Apple will launch iMac will mini-LED tech in 2020.

Third-generation AirPods

The first-generation AirPods dropped in September 2016, while second-generation AirPods were released in May 2019. Reports suggest that Apple is likely to launch third-generation AirPods, or AirPods 3, this year.

AirPods Pro (Source: Apple)

There are five different speculations circulating the Internet as to what the new AirPods will be called: AirPods Pro Lite or third-generation AirPods. Prosser had previously mentioned that Apple’s own branded version of Beats X, AirPods X, is expected to retail at $200, while over-ear headphones with modular design will launch for $350, later this year.

Apple TV 4K with A12X

Jon also shared that Apple has a new Apple TV 4K ready to ship at any time. The device goes by the codename “Neptune T1125”. The new 4K TV is expected to be equipped with an A12X processor, which was first seen in 2018 iPad Pro. Previously used A10X processor was sufficient to play 4K videos, which means Apple is scaling up its processing power due to the high demand for Apple Arcade games.

Prosser hasn’t shared exact dates for the launch of these new products. However, Apple has announced that it will host WWDC as a virtual event on June 22, which is when the company is expected to announce new products.

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