2020 iPhone 12 models will have mmWave and sub-6GHz networks – report

Apple will release new iPhone 12 models with two types of 5G network support, mmWave and sub-6GHz networks, because of uneven availability of the 5G networks by different carriers.

5G is the next generation of cellular network technology with greater bandwidth and higher download speeds than 4G technology. To ensure wide range service, 5G network service is categorized into three different types, low, medium, and high, all of which require a different antennas with different speeds and coverage. mmWave is the fastest variant of 5G technology and sub-6GHz is a little slower than former but still faster than 4G.

iPhone 12

5G Network Support

According to Taiwanese tech publisher, DigiTimes, Apple will release 2020 iPhone 12 with mmWave and sub-6GHz support because the cellular network companies would offer mmWave in densely populated urban areas with busy economic activities and sub-6GHz would be offered in urban and sub-urban areas.

However, Apple will change the hardware of 2021 iPhone 12 models to with a single 5G band to support only one type of network either mmWave or sub-6GHz.

“Apple’s 2020 series of iPhones will work on both sub-6GHz and millimeter wave 5G networks, and the vendor is considering introducing its iPhones supporting either mmWave or sub-6GHz for specific markets next year, according to industry sources in Taiwan.”

iPhone 12

According to the report, the company will sell models specific to the regions supporting 5G network technology. For example, Apple will sell models with mmWave supporting band in countries that network technology and countries with the sub-6GHz network would sell network supporting iPhone models. This claim is corroborated by renowned tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo who said that Cupertino tech giant will retail iPhone models with mmWave support in some countries.

The decision to replace the hardware with a single 5G band will inherently reduce the production costs of new iPhone models for Apple.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12

Expected to launch in fall this year, iPhone 12 will be available in 4 different sizes with iPad Pro-like design language. Recent reports claim that Apple will not include a power adaptor and EarPods in the new smartphone’s box and production delays might delay the launch by a few weeks.

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