iPhone 12 box concept design shows no EarPods and power adapter

ConceptsiPhone, a YouTube channel that shares concept videos, has shared a new iPhone 12 box inside render on Twitter and claims that is from a ‘really reliable source’. Ran Avni states that the render shown is the box insert for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup.

The render shows a box insert with a very thin body and a circular area which would be users for a USB-C to Lightning cable. The square area shown in the render could be used for traditional Apple stickers and paperwork that comes along in the box. It shows a thin depression at the top where the iPhone will likely sit.

Apple is known to make its product packaging out of recycled paper, with the box insert glued to the outer retail packaging. The render charged by ConceptsiPhone looks like it is made out of plastic, but it could also be an inaccurate representation of the moulded paper products which are typically used by Apple. All in all, the render looks too thin to have room for EarPods and Power Adapter in the box.

According to rumours, the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup might not ship with EarPods and Power Adapters in the box. It is a part of Apple’s efforts to save money, reduce packaging size, and reduce e-waste. Apple will likely rely on most users to already have their own EarPhones and Power Adapters.


Users must keep in mind that this news is based on rumours and reports and has not been confirmed by Apple yet, so this must be taken with a grain of salt. Having said that, as a consumer I will be upset if the iPhone manufacturer does not include EarPods and an adaptor in the new smartphone’s box because older chargers do not last long and need to be replaced often with new ones.

Apple analyst Ming-chi-Kuo shared in the past that Apple’s decision to remove EarPods from the box will be to promote the sales of AirPods and AirPods Pro. EarPods currently retail for $29 and AirPods are start from $159.

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