Apple Watch Series 6 might not have side button as per iOS 14 beta 2

The official release of iOS 14 beta 2 reveals that Apple Watch Series 6 might not be equipped with a traditional side button underneath the digital crown. A leaked schematic shows that the new wearable would have digital crown and slimmer bezels.

iOS developer and contributing writer at MacRumors Steve Moser shared the discovery on Twitter. Moser does not specifically mention that the update will arrive in Series 6, but rather mentions that the ‘next Apple Watch’ may get rid of the side button.

However, in reply to his tweet, a developer by the Twitter handle @mrleblanc101 responded that the side button is still there but it is not protruding which seems like a plausible explanation.

As the image on the left shows the design for Apple Watch Series 3 and the side button sits flushed in Apple Watch Series 4, which means that this may be a current model of Apple Watch discovered in the iOS 14 beta 2.

The editor of Macrumors, Eric Slivka also agrees with our assessment. On Twitter, @eslivka responded that the discovered images might be the comparison images of older Apple Watch series with the current ones.

Side button alternative on the next-generation Apple Watch

If the news is true, then there are some side button alternatives on the next generation smartwatch. Similar to the newer MacBook models, Apple may possibly switch to Force Touch for input.

Force touch can be applied on any area and delivers prompt feedback, very similar to an actual button click. Force Touch on Apple Watch lets users applying pressure on the screen which opens various options and also provides haptic feedback. Force Touch is also used on Mac notebooks trackpads.

apple watch ios 14 beta side button 3

Expected Apple Watch Series 6 Features

It is rumored that Apple Watch Series 6 will launch with support for sleep tracking, pulse oximetry, blood oxygen sensor, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. However, we will know for sure when Apple decides to unveil new hardware later this fall.


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