Apple Watch Series 6 to Feature Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, Pulse Oximetry

According to The Verifier, senior sources at Apple have reported that Apple Watch Series 6 , scheduled to release this fall, would have pulse oximetry, sleep tracking and fingerprint Touch ID sensor built in to the crown of the watch. Currently, the Digital Crown is used for taking an ECG so take this report with a grain of salt. 

Apple Watch

The alleged Touch ID sensor would eliminate the need to put in a PIN to unlock the watch. Although Apple Watch unlocks itself when the iPhone is unlocked, a fingerprint sensor in the device will make it easier and faster for users to unlock the watch on a stand alone basis. According to sources ,the next-generation Apple Watch might also feature improved battery life, WiFi 6, and better LTE support.

In addition, The Verifier also claims that Apple is working on pulse oximetry monitoring for the new Apple Watch. The device will be equipped with sleep tracking capabilities too. These features will enable the Watch to track sleep patterns and their quality. It will also allow the watch to monitor oxygen levels in the wearer’s bloodstream to make sure that the oxygen level in the body does not drop below safe levels.

The news of the company working on health improvement features is not a surprise. Over the years, Apple has marketed its Watch as a health tracking device, with workout features and ECG monitoring, which was recently added. These health features add value to the watch’s use in comparison to other smart watches like Fitbit. Therefore, the rumors of faster unlock and  health related features are exciting. As an Apple Watch fan, we can say that it is the device to have for a range of people: athletes, professionals, students, and in short, everyone with its innovative versatile features. 

The sources also claim that in Apple Watch Series 7, Apple will relocate the fingerprint sensor to the display. If true, these back to back changes are unlike Apple as the company does not change hardware yearly. Furthermore, rumors also shed light on new features in watchOS 7, like a fresh design, updated Siri and updates to built-in apps. watchOS 7 is expected to be compatible only with Watch Series 3 onwards.

WWDC 2020 is in June, so we are not far off to know for sure what Apple will be releasing. As always, there are plenty of rumors on expected devices and features around this time. Having said that, this year the conference will be online because due to COVID-19 epidemic, like many other events around the world. Apple could also reschedule the release of new devices, but we will have to wait till June to find out.

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