Apple Watch Series 5 is the best selling smartwatch of 2020

A recent market analysis report states that Apple Watch Series 5 lead the smartwatch market with an impressive 37.6 percent share. In spite of tough competition from the mid-range affordable wrist wearable like Fitbit, the Series 5 smartwatch sold 3.2 million units in North America in Q2 2020.

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the wrist wearable industry remained the same year-on-year at $2 billion in North America. Uncertain employment, pay-cuts, and other financial issues since the outbreak of coronavirus have resulted in lower consumer spending.

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Apple Watch Series 5 – North America’s Best Selling Smartwatch in 2020 

Canalys report states that the latest Apple Watch Series 5 sold as many units as the Series 4 smartwatch this year. Fitbit and Garmin were in second and third places, respectively, with 1.6 and 0.7 million units shipped. The health benefits offered in the Apple Watch Series 5 give it a competitive edge over other simple calories and steps tracking wristbands like Fitbit.

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Having said that, the lower price tag was a growth indicator in the region “as consumers scrutinized personal budgets” and the average selling price declined to $235 by 11 % which resulted in “a remarkable growth among the long-tail of lesser-known brands of activity trackers on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.”

Vincent Thielke, Canalys analyst explained,

“Americans invested heavily in sub-US$50 trackers during the pandemic to stay accountable for the greater amount of time spent at home. Amazon’s Q3 introduction of the Halo tracker was timely, following two back-to-back quarters of strong activity tracker sales. Subscription-based companion apps helped Fitbit and less-familiar players like Whoop better differentiate themselves against the vast array of devices sold online. Turnkey service offerings proved a surprising pandemic winner as social distancing discouraged personal trainers and exercise in close proximity to others.”

However, Thielke is of the opinion that smartwatches with health features will be more in demand than simple ones.

“As all major vendors set their sights on 2021, medical-oriented devices will move certain products into an elevated tier, creating stronger differentiation between casual fitness and advanced health tracking.”

The New Apple Watch Series 6

Industry reports and supply chain leaks have listed down that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 will have even more health-related features and improvements. With pulse oximetry, sleep trackers and Touch ID sensor the watch will be instrumental for users to track and monitor their health.

watchOS 7

The next-generation smartwatch will run on the new watchOS 7, currently in the beta phase. The latest software is packed with technology and features like native sleep tracking, handwashing detection, new workout types, redesigned Fitness app, watch face customization and sharing, and much more.  The new smartwatch series is expected with the release with two new models in October with the launch of the new flagship iPhone 12, third-generation Airpods, and other new products.

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