Magic Keyboard Folio costs more than half of 10th-gen iPad’s price

Apple has launched a new Magic Keyboard Folio with a two-piece design with a protective back panel, full sizes keys with 1mm travel, a large trackpad with a click-anywhere experience, and a 14-key function keys row. Compared to the standard Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and iPad Air, the new Folio features some nice improvements, however, it is only compatible with the new 10th-gen iPad.

iPad Magic Keyboard Folio

Magic Keyboard Folio features and price

The keyboard on the new Magic Keyboard Folio is detachable, which makes it a versatile accessory for the iPad. The function row keys are available above the number keys, and make it easy to access features such as display brightness, volume controls, playback controls, and more. It even features an escape key, which Apple has avoided in all its previous keyboard models for the iPad. This is something that is missing from the Magic Keyboard, and Apple has still not updated it.

The trackpad on the new keyboard is also slightly larger than before, which makes it easy to use, especially with multi-touch and swipe gestures. Just like the other models, the Magic Keyboard Folio connects to the iPad using a Smart Connector, however, it is not compatible with other iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

Surprisingly, Apple has priced the new keyboard at $249. The new iPad starts at $449 for the 64GB model, which means that the keyboard accessory costs more than half of its price. Customers are no strangers to Apple’s expensive accessories, but when you put the cost of the accessory into perspective with the product that it will be used with, it does not make a lot of sense.

For an entry-level product, Apple has priced the Magic Keyboard Folio out of the reach of most users. Alongside the first-generation Apple Pencil support, which requires users to buy a dongle just to charge it as it features a Lightning port, instead of a USB-C port which the iPad has, the design choices behind this new product are shocking, to say the least.

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