M2 iPad Pro and iPad 10 come with woven USB-C cable in the box, also available separately

Apple’s new M2 iPad Pro and 10th-generation iPad models come with a woven USB-C charging cable in the retail box. Apple has also started selling the woven one-meter charging cable on its online store for $19. The cable is compatible with a variety of iPads, Macs, and other accessories.

Woven USB-C charge cable

Apple’s new $19 woven USB-C cable can be used with iPads, Macs, and more

Apple today launched its new iPad Pro models with an internal refresh. On the other hand, the entry-level iPad has been redesigned and it now includes USB-C connectivity. Both devices will ship with Apple’s new one-meter woven USB-C cable in the box. However, the cable can also be purchased separately.

The new cable has USB-C connectivity on both ends and can be used with devices as old as the 2017 27-inch iMac. It is also compatible with a bunch of other Macs such as the 2018 Mac mini, the 2020 M1 Mac mini, the 2019 Mac Pro, the fourth-gen iPad Air, the sixth-gen iPad mini, and more.

This 1-meter charge cable is made with a woven design — with USB-C connectors on both ends — and is ideal for charging, syncing, and transferring data between USB-C devices. Pair the USB-C Charge Cable with a compatible USB-C power adapter to conveniently charge your devices from a wall outlet and take advantage of fast-charging capabilities. USB-C power adapters sold separately.

Woven USB-C

Check out Apple’s new one-meter woven USB-C cable on its online store here. Note that power adapters for the cable are sold separately. Shipping for the cable is currently one business day in the United States. The tech giant will also continue to sell its two-meter unwoven USB-C cable alongside the new version.

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