Making of the 8 hour battery in the new 17 inch Macbook Pro

Bob Mansfield the Senior Vice President at Mac Hardware, Dan Riccio, Vice President of Product Design and an unnamed Chief Engineer, Power Systems & Battery Technologies at Apple give a highly detailed insight on the making of the non-removable 8 hour battery in the new 17 inch Macbook Pro. They even show the manufacturing process which is very interesting to see for hardware fans like me. Important points from the video are:

  • The new battery lasts 8 hours on a single charge
  • It is fully rechargeable 1000 times which is 3 times more than other notebook batteries
  • Environmental friendly, uses 50% energy of a light bulb
  • Lifespan: 5 years
  • They have scientists, chemists and engineers dedicated to battery life

The new battery is 40% bigger than other batteries thanks to its non-removable nature. They realized that using a removable battery wastes a lot of space which reduces the room for larger batteries which gives more time. I, for one, agree. If you’re giving me 8 hours of battery life, I wouldn’t care if it’s removable or not. They’ve also introduced Adaptive Charging, which reduces wear and tear on battery. There’s a chip in the battery that talks to each individual cell and reports the state back to the system and the system adjusts the current accordingly. The most amazing feat is that they manage to keep the notebook light weight and thin despite a larger battery. Good stuff Apple. Now only if Dell, Hp, Acer and the likes would see this video and learn something from it.

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