Max Stand – an AirPods Max wireless charger by Floating Pixels

Apple recently introduced its first-ever over-the-ear headphones, AirPods Max. Since the launch third-party manufacturers are coming with accessories that Apple did not make; A Kickstarter project, Floating Pixel is developing a wireless charging stand for AirPods Max. Max Stand is designed to hold the headphone set vertically to easily pick up to listen and place back on the stand to power up.

Retailing for $549, AirPods Max delivers a luxury listening experience using computational audio: high fidelity audio, active noise cancellation with Transparency mode,  and spatial audio for surround sound experience. Most of AirPods Max reviews praise its amazing sound quality.

The headset gives 20 hours of listening on a single charge and 1.5 hours of listening on a quick 5-minute charge. Apple ships a Lightning cable to power up the headset, so users who wish to reduce or be cable-free can support Floating Pixels, Max Stand project to get an AirPods Max wireless charger.

AirPods Max wireless charger

AirPods Max wireless charger – Max Stand to easily pick and place

Max Stand has a minimalistic design with a firm hold to quickly pick AirPods Max to listen and easily place to charge. and automatically powers up the device on placement. When traveling, users can connect AirPods Max with Max Stand via magnetically attached USB-C charging cable.

AirPods Max wireless charger

The compact charging stand ships with a connector plug (Lightning to magnetic) and charging cable (magnetic to USB-S). It is available silver, green, pink, sky blue, and space gray color options for users to match the headphones with their charger.

AirPods Max wireless charger

The designer is looking for funding to manufacture the AirPods Max wireless charger. If you like the functionality and design of the product, click here to pledge to help Floating Pixels to reach its $242,090 goal. The designer states that pledges will get their Max Stand by March if any COVID-19 related production delays are not faced.

We’ve spent many hours on design, material selection and 3D printing. We went through nearly a dozen prototypes to end up with the final design for Max stand, and with your help are now ready to go into production.

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