Microsoft Autofill launches – a cross-platform password manager for Chrome, Edge, iOS, and Android

Microsoft has officially launched its Autofill password manager that allows users to easily manage and store their website passwords on different devices. Microsoft Autofill is now available on Android phones, Windows PCs, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Autofill was already available via a beta program, but now Android and iOS devices can access autofill through the Microsoft Authenticator app, while Windows and Mac users can access it as part of Microsoft Edge and Chrome extensions.

Microsoft Autofill passwords

Microsoft Autofill password manager for iOS and other platforms

Autofill password manager allows users to access all the credentials they have stored on Edge under their respective Microsoft account on mobile. They just need to go to Authenticator app’s Passwords tab and log in first. After the sync is complete, Authenticator will offer to autofill your password when you visit a webpage or open an app, as long as you have saved your login details. According to the official announcement:

Autofill stores your passwords under your Microsoft account. To get started with autofill on mobile, open the Microsoft Authenticator app, and then sign-in on the Passwords tab with your Microsoft account. If you have passwords saved under your Microsoft account on Microsoft Edge, they will sync to the Authenticator app.

We also heard from customers who use multiple browsers that they need a secure way to access their Microsoft Edge passwords even when they’re browsing on Google Chrome. To address this need, we’ve launched a Microsoft Autofill extension on the Chrome Web Store. Microsoft Autofill extension lets you autofill and save your passwords to your Microsoft account while browsing on Chrome, which ensures your passwords stay in sync no matter where you use them – on your mobile, Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced an Autofill password extension for Google’s browser, in case you primarily save your passwords on Edge but want to use them on Chrome. The feature works like Chrome’s built-in autofill password feature, and users will also have the ability to delete or edit their logins in Chrome rather than going to Edge first. 

Authenticator app update gives it the power to import passwords from Chrome, other popular password managers, and CSV files. According to the company, it is safe to use the app as a password manager, since Authenticator requires multi-factor authentication and credentials will be encrypted. 

If you are using a Mac, Autofill can be accessed with a Google Chrome extension or the Microsoft Edge web browser. In iOS, the app lets you protect your passwords with Face ID, PIN code, or Touch ID.

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