Microsoft releases 3 new apps for the Zune HD

The Zune HD is half naked when it comes to apps, it’s just short of everything for now. Even though it got a Facebook and Twitter app after a long wait, but that’s just about it. But now Microsoft has just released 3 new apps for the Zune HD, not quite exciting, but the Zune HD Marketplace is slowly getting crowded with games and “functional” apps.


Stopwatch is really simple, down to earth app and it does exactly what the name says. It’s a plain stopwatch with simple functionality like laps and countdown, great if you plan to go drive a Formula 1 car with a Zune HD on the dashboard.



The second app from Microsoft is Labyrinth. Many of you might remember Labyrinth from the iPhone, it’s almost the same thing except it has more catchy graphics and is more pleasant to look at. A fun game to play while listening to your favorite songs.



The third app is Solitaire. I’m quite sure everyone is familiar with it from Windows, and amazingly the version of the Zune HD actually looks quite better than the Windows version of the game. We aren’t surprised that Microsoft released Solitaire for the Zune HD as well, they have this strange attachment to it as we see Solitaire in every version of Windows, hence naturally, the Zune HD version of the game.sol
You can get all these games from the Zune Marketplace using the Zune software or directly from the Zune HD itself. Try out these apps/games and tell us what you think, do they compare themselves well with the iPhone or not?

P.S. if you want more games and apps for Zune HD, check out OpenZDK

[via NeoWin]

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