New Microsoft Teams 2.0 updated for users to easily communicate and collaborate with multiple tenants

Microsoft recently announced new features for the latest version of Microsoft Teams. Known as Teams 2.0, the new version will make it easier for users to collaborate across multiple tenants with innovative capabilities to address the challenges of working in a multi-tenant environment, such as having to switch between tenants to access different resources or having to manage multiple accounts.

Microsoft first announced the Microsoft Teams 2.0 client in March 2023. It is currently in public preview and is scheduled to become the default client in September 2023. Teams 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly.

The new Microsoft Teams makes it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate

New features in Microsoft Teams 2.0 will enhance productivity and efficiency

Microsoft Teams 2.0 is getting a new set of features that will make it easier for users to collaborate across multiple tenants with features designed as part of the Multi-tenant Organization (MTO) group.

Today, we’ve started rolling out new features tailored to multi-tenant organizations in the new Microsoft Teams desktop app for Windows. These features will be enabled when admins have configured a multi-tenant organization (MTO) group in the Microsoft 365 admin center and when their employees are using the new Teams desktop client.

All the new MTO group features coming to Microsoft Teams 2.0

Side-by-side multitasking and cross-tenant notifications

This feature allows users to work across multiple tenants and accounts in side-by-side windows. For example, a user could be working on a document in their home tenant while also participating in a meeting with another tenant. The user would see notifications for both the document and the meeting in the same place, making it easy to stay on top of their work.

MTO 2 Microsoft Teams

Improved people search and chat experience

This feature improves the search experience for users who are working in MTO groups. When a user searches for a coworker in an MTO group, the results will now include the user’s home tenant name. This will help the user to identify the correct colleague and keep conversations in one place.

MTO 1 Microsoft Teams

Richer meeting experience

This feature allows users to join meetings and calls with other tenants. This is useful for users who need to collaborate with colleagues in other organizations. The user will have access to all the features of the meeting, such as chat, whiteboard, and file sharing.

MTO 4 Microsoft Teams

Using shared channels for seamless cross-tenant collaboration and communication

This feature allows users to create and join shared channels. Shared channels are channels that are accessible to users from multiple tenants. This makes it easier for users to collaborate on projects and share information across different organizations.

Shared channel Microsoft Teams

These new features are designed to make it easier for users to collaborate with colleagues in other tenants, regardless of where they are located. They will also help to break down silos and improve communication between different organizations.


The new MTO group features are available now in the preview version of Microsoft Teams. They will be rolled out to the general public in the coming months.

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