New Microsoft Teams to deliver better performance and improved battery life

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of Microsoft Teams, which will provide a massive performance boost and improved battery life than the current version of Teams.

Microsoft Team is a communication app designed for corporate employees to communicate via text, hold conferences, make audio and video calls, share files, and more importantly, collaborate in real-time.

Microsoft Teams

New Microsoft Teams might use 50% less memory and CPU power to deliver better battery life

According to The Verge, the new version of Microsoft Teams has been in internal testing with Microsoft for some time and is labeled Microsoft Teams 2.0 or 2.1. A preview of the revamped Teams is expected to roll out in March.

New Teams 2.0/2.1 will use 50% less memory and less CPU power and improve battery life on laptops, which will make Teams more responsive during presentations in meetings or replying to messages.

Microsoft also switched Teams from Electron to its own Webview2 tech and uses React instead of JavaScript. All of those new changes should deliver significantly better performance with some UI improvements.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s new Teams 2.0/2.1 client has been rebuilt from the ground up and now the company has started a broad test for it. The company has been working on the new version of Teams for years now and has already released some of the early work already in the built-in version of Teams on Windows 11.

The former head of Microsoft Teams engineering Tom Warren highlighted some of the work that was done on Teams release in the built-in version of the app on Windows 11.

Lastly, this architecture will help us add support for multiple accounts, work life scenarios, release predictability, and scale up for the client. It will be a journey but with Windows 11 we have taken key first steps.

When Teams 2.0/2.1 preview version becomes available in March it will provide an option to toggle back to the old version if needed.

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