Microsoft Teams supports Spatial Audio on macOS and Windows

Microsoft Teams now supports spatial audio on macOS and Windows which enhances the listening experience during video calls. This feature helps users to stay engaged in the conversation and easily identify who is speaking.

Microsoft Teams

Spatial Audio in Microsoft Teams delivers a more immersive and natural video conferencing experience

Spatial audio has been recently introduced to Microsoft Teams, enhancing conference calls with a more realistic and engaging listening experience. With the use of head-tracking technology, this new feature accurately positions the voices of attendees within the virtual space, enabling participants to easily identify who is speaking and their location.

Teams Spatial Audio aligns the perceived audio location of each participant with their video representation to make it easier for users to track who is speaking, to understand better when multiple speakers are speaking at the same time, and to lower meeting fatigue and cognitive load.

Microsoft Teams - Spatial Audio

Spatial audio in Microsoft Teams could be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Better conversation followability: Having spatial audio can assist users in comprehending conversations, particularly when multiple individuals talk simultaneously. This is possible because each person’s voice is localized to their position on the screen. This makes it simpler to determine who is speaking and to keep up with the conversation’s progression.
  • Reduced meeting fatigue: Another benefit of spatial audio is that it can alleviate meeting fatigue. By creating a more realistic and engaging meeting atmosphere, it can help attendees remain attentive and engaged throughout the session.
  • More engaging and enjoyable audio experience: Using spatial audio can enhance the audio experience for everyone involved in a meeting. This is because it creates a more realistic and immersive environment, which improves communication and collaboration.

In addition, Spatial Audio can also enhance the sound quality of Microsoft Teams meetings by creating a balanced and natural soundscape. This feature ensures that all speakers are heard clearly, making communication easier and more effective.


Microsoft Teams users on Windows or macOS desktops can try out the new Spatial Audio feature. Although it is currently in public preview, meaning it’s not fully released yet, users can enable it on a device that supports stereo sound, like a wired headset or speakers with two channels. Alternatively, users can also use a USB dongle to connect their wireless headphones to their computers.

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