Mondo launches Apple TV+ “Severance” soundtrack special-edition vinyl collection

An American vinyl producer, Mondo has announced the launch of a new special-edition vinyl collection of Apple TV+ “Severance” soundtracks.

The multi-award-winning series by director Ben Stiller is a science fiction psychological thriller on the life of Mark who leads a team of office workers with surgically divided memories between personal life and work. His journey to discovering the truth behind the experiment begins when a mysterious colleague approaches him outside of work. Severance has an 8.7 out of 10 rating on Imbd.

Apple TV+ - Severance

Mondo offers vinyl of Apple TV+ Severance season 1 with exclusive merch

Mondo will offer two vinyl editions of the Apple TV+ Original Series Severance season 1 featuring music from Theodore Shapiro and artwork by Greg Ruth.

  • Music Dance Experience – Innie Edition for $60 includes “a classic black vinyl and housed inside a bespoke concertina office folder. Featuring a Music Dance Experience card, a record safety card, Eagan bingo sheet, four character cards, a hidden map of the severed floor, and a Lumon disco bag.”

Apple TV+ - Severance

  • Music Dance Experience – Outie Edition for $35 includes “white vinyl, housed inside a spot varnish gatefold sleeve with a printed inner sleeve. Initial pressing comes packaged with a 3/4 reverse board slipcase.”

Apple TV+ - Severance

Users will need a least one turntable or record player to enjoy the soundtracks on innie or outie editions full of warm tones and pleasing melodies.

Theodore Shapiro’s score for SEVERANCE is nothing short of jaw-dropping. At first, it may seem simple and minimal, but it reveals itself to be complex, rich and detailed on repeated listens. Its haunting and otherworldly melodies weave in and out of time and space. A beguiling listen from start to end.

Both editions will go on sale on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, on Severance season 1 is available on Apple TV+ for $6.99 across devices.

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