How to add multiple stops on a route on iOS 16 Apple Maps

iOS 16 introduced a new multistop routing feature on Apple Maps. The helpful feature allows users to add up to 15 stops in advance on a route while following driving or cycling directions in the Maps app.

Apple Maps users can also plan a route with multiple stops on their Macs and the data will sync on their iPhones automatically.

iOS 15 beta 2 Apple Maps icon

Here is how to quickly add a stop while following a driving route in Apple Maps

Make sure that your Apple Maps app is updated to the latest iOS version.

  1. Open the Apple Maps app and tap on the route card at the bottom of the UI.
  2. Next, tap on the “Add Stop” button to search for a place through the search field and select it to stop.Apple Maps - guide
  3. Then tap on the “Add” option to reroute the directions in the Maps to take you to that stop next.Apple Maps - guide

How to pause directions and delete a stop on a route in Apple Maps

In addition to adding stops, you can also delete a stop and pause directions while on a route.

  1. To remove a stop, tap on the route card and tap on the “Delete” option. Apple Maps - guide
  2. To pause directions when you stop, tap on the “Pause Route” option and when you get back on the road, tap on the “Resume Route” option to start directions again.

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