More Zune HD photos again.. this time from the FCC

image image image

Zune HD has hit the FCC, and pictures are available of the black Zune HD engineering sample that was tested. If you’re interested in the insides of the Zune HD, you can check them out here. ;)

The features from the documents are the same as the ones we already know with just 2 models of the Zune HD which are similar in specs but the difference is in sizes and colors ( 16GB Black and 32GB Silver version). Expectations for apps should be lowered, since Microsoft has expressed in the documents that it’s a music/video player although I wouldn’t rule out gaming support yet.

The release time is very near for the Zune HD. It is expected to launch in September in US only. Meanwhile, you can check out the videos of the Zune HD in action at the GDGT launch party recently.

[Hat tip clubdirthill]

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