Moto 360 Gets New Watch Faces, Custom Face Designer and More with Motorola Connect Update

Moto 360 is one of the, if not the best, Android Wear smartwatches available in the market. Given the infancy of Android Wear as a wearable operating system, no watch is perfect at the moment but in terms of design and usability, Moto 360 ranks at the very top.

Motorola has shown a strong commitment to supporting and improving Moto 360. Soon after public release, Moto 360 received an update which almost doubled the battery life for most users, even though there are still people who face tons of issues with the watch lasting for a long time. The recent update, version 4.4w2 for Moto 360, brought new battery saving features, improved time sync, user interface tweaks, mood lighting and bug fixes.

Motorola has also updated their Motorola Connect companion app for the watch to bring new watch faces, custom watch face designer as well as a new Moto Body wellness experience, which works like Google Fit. This has been aligned with the launch of new Moto 360 designs which include a gold-colored version as well as metal straps, making it one of the most versatile and customizable watches available until Apple Watch hits the market.

The new watch faces include the design winning watch face, although it does not include the notifications and status icons.

Moto 360 Design Faceoff Winner

Other watch faces include 3 analog faces which look beautiful and can be customized to an extent using the Connect app. A custom watch face is also available now which lets users change the background image, color, brightness, style and tick marks along with the option to show or hide the day and date.

Moto 360 Gets New Watch Faces Custom Face Designer and More with Motorola Connect Update

Lastly, Motorola has introduced the Moto Body wellness experience to help users track steps, distance, heart rate and calories though which it will provide goals to keep users motivated. It’s not clear how the goals will be provided but it seems like an alternative to Google Fit but does not sync with it which is kind of annoying.

HR OnDemand

Steps 2


The Motorola Connect update is now available in Play Store and users can download it to experience the new changes on their Moto 360. Download it from the link below.

Download Motorola Connect for Android

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