Elon Musk says Starlink had “promising conversations” with Apple about iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite partnership

Owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk shared that the company has had a “promising conversation” with Apple related to the iPhone 14 new Emergency SOS via satellite capability.

SpaceX commenced project Starlink in 2019 by launching satellites to provide internet coverage to 40 countries. As of July 2022, Starlink has 3,000 small satellites in low Earth orbit that communicate with designated transceivers on the ground to provide internet access to more than 500,000 subscribers.

SpaceX has aimed for global coverage with satellite personal communications service beyond 2023.

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Musk calls Apple’s iPhone 14 team “super smart”

Amongst other groundbreaking advancements announced at the iPhone 14 launch event was the new Emergency SOS via satellite coming to users in U.S. and Canada in November this year.

The industry-leading safety feature allows iPhone 14 users to directly connect to a satellite to message emergency services when they are outside cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. The feature’s UI is designed to show where to point their phone to connect to a satellite and start messaging when once connected, this process would have taken several minutes without UI.

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Apple also said that it would invest $450 million from its advanced manufacturing fund in the development of satellite infrastructure in partnership with Globalstar. Now, the infamous billionaire has inserted himself into the discussion.

Responding to a hope expressed by a Twitter user of the Apple and SpaceX partnership for the expansion of the satellite capability, Musk wrote that his company Starlink has already had “promising conversations” with the tech giant and that the iPhone team is “super smart”.

Praise of Apple’s teams is a first by the billionaire. Previously, he has created controversies regarding Apple EV by tweeting comments like the tech giant refused to buy Tesla for 6% of the company’s worth today, he has never spoken to CEO Tim Cook, and more. And people were quick to point that out.

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