Native Google Maps for iOS 6 in Alpha Stages, Leaked Screenshots Reveal UI

Apple introduced its own native Maps app in iOS 6 replacing Google Maps. With its inaccurate 3D Maps app in iOS 6, the company has been receiving criticism from users of iOS 6 on the removal of Google Maps that was present there in iOS since the very first day. It is rumoured that Google has been working on a Google Maps app to publish in the App Store but has been silent about it. Today, screenshots of in-development Google Maps app for iOS have been leaked. Find out more after the break!

Apple CEO Tim Cook had recently apologized to iOS 6 users in an open letter over the maps issue and even recommended them to use the web version of Google Maps and other alternatives. There have been lot of talks about whether Google will bring back its powerful Maps app for iOS 6 to App Store or not. From the leaked images posted today by web developer Ben Guilds, it appears that Google is indeed working on bringing their native mapping solution to iOS 6.




Earlier this month, Google released Street View to Google Maps web app, bringing the functionality back to iOS 6 which was lost when Apple introduced its own mapping solution. If the above images are real, then the day is not far away when iOS 6 users will have Google Maps app, provided Apple gives its nod of approval to Google.

via Forbes

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