New iOS features to debut in 2023: next-gen CarPlay, Apple Card Savings account and more

In June 2022, Apple introduced iOS 16 with several new features and improvements. However, since the update’s launch in September 2022 till now, the company has not released all of the announced features. 

Recently, the Cupertino tech giant launched the Apple Music Classical app worldwide and gave early access to its long-awaited payment service Apple Pay Later to select users. 

Shrinking the list, there are three new iOS features expected to launch in 2023 either in the next iOS 16 version or iOS 17.

iOS feature

These are the three iOS features expected to launch this year

The new high-yield Apple Card Savings account was announced in October 2022 for Apple Card holders in the Wallet app.

As Apple Card holders receive up to 3% and Apple Pay users receive up to 1% in Daily Cash backs on every purchase, the Daily Cash backs would be deposited in the new Savings account automatically with no additional fee, minimum amount requirement, and no minimum deposit and the account would be managed easily through the Wallet app on iOS.

In iOS 16.1 Release Candidate released in October 2022, the Apple Card Savings Account was listed but was not part of the final build and was not available in the latest iOS 16.5 beta update as well.

Apple Card Savings account - iOS feature

Next-generation CarPlay

To improve users’ hands-free experience while driving, Apple previewed the next-generation CarPlay at the WWDC 2022. The upcoming iOS software platform will offer advanced features like support for widgets,  multiple screens, and integration with vehicle functions to control radio, temperature, and more.

The tech company announced that new CarPlay would debut in late 2023 in vehicles from Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Acura, Honda, Porshe, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and others.

iOS feature - Apple Car

iMessage Contact Key Verification

In December 2022, Apple announced “iMessage Contact Key Verification” for iOS. The new security feature is designed to protect users who face “extraordinary digital threats” from government-sponsored attacks like journalists, human rights activists, political rivals, and others to verify that they are receiving messages from authorized or verified people. 

Apple said the feature would launch worldwide in 2023, so it can come out in an iOS 16 update or iOS 17 in September this year.

Apple advanced security features - iOS feature

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